My life as a freshman

I remember the night before school started, it was nerve wracking. The whole summer I had thought about and anticipated the beginning of my high school career. Then school finally began. In the beginning, it was an extremely hard transition for me. I struggled quite a bit and was a little overwhelmed by my new surroundings and being separated from my closest friends. Then a few months went by and school completely changed! I became friends with lots of new people and really just got involved in many things and finally began to enjoy school! Taking AP Human Geography turned out to be an even greater challenge than I imagined, but I am so glad I decided to sign up for it. This class taught me so much, so many incredible lessons that go way beyond the classroom. Mr. Murphy is an impactful teacher, and I’m very grateful to him for helping us all become better people and providing us with outstanding resources, and for pushing us to our limits. During my middle school years, I found two new passions, volleyball, and service to my community and the world. Unfortunately, this year I did not try out for volleyball, but I’m truly hoping that next year I do not have another obstacle as I did this year. However, I did continue my passion for service! My AP classroom joined together with WE, and through this amazing organization, our class became inspired to start a cooking class to dimish food insecurity in our community. Our class was named WENourish and will be taking place for the first time on April 11, 2017. I also was once again given the opportunity to attend an impactful event called WEDay, which I will be attending on April 21, 2017. Overall, Human Geography has by far been one of my favorite classes, and I’m extremely grateful that I got to be a part of it. High School has been very difficult, but my freshman year has been my favorite school year so far. I’m ready to take on the challenges it will bring, and I hope to graduate from EHS with my head high and a future in the works!


-Here’s a video that could be very helpful to incoming freshmen!-


2 thoughts on “My life as a freshman

  1. Dayanna,
    Your blog is looking great! It sounds like you are really doing well in school and I can completely agree with you that APHG has been a challenge. But I am positive that it is going to make all of us better students and all around people in the end. I love reading your blog so much, I really like your theme of the whole blog and the overall look! I am looking forward to your next post… keep up the great work!


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